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Whos expected in BRICS

On the threshold of the third summit of BRICS, which took place on April, 13-14, in PRC with the participation of member states, the World Organizat...

Where 52% of the global investments flow

On May 1st, the Annual Investment Meeting 2012 launched in Dubai. World Organization of Creditors conducted a study on the development of market of ...

The inflow of foreign investments in Russia to increase by one-third in 2011

The first European investment conference “Russia – 2012”, held in Kaluga and Moscow has ended on March 23rd. For the first time mo...

Developed Economies Are Left Without Investors

The revival of global macroeconomics exists only in words, while in reality the situation in many countries remains extremely difficult. According t...

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   World Organization of Creditors (WOC) - is a non-governmental organization. Founded in 2009, WOC leads its activities according to the ideas and principles proclaimed by the United Nations, in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as on the territories of various developing and developed world countries.

BRICS Maintain Interest
China Continues Its Offensive
BRICS Will Extend Its Boundaries to Become BRICSIK
Money Isnt Rushing to Russia
World Organization of Creditors New Edition
Rating the Most Attractive Countries for Investment and Countries Investing the Most

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